Flyers and Poster Show

On the weekends of 11/12, 11/13, some of our residential volunteers went out to Sunnyvale library to do a poster show.

What came out of it was both sad and encouraging:

1) Most of Sunnyvale residents only noticed the increase of the noise and air crafts, but they did not know where it came from, and did not know what to do about it.

2) Once they get to know about the issue, they are really willing to spread the words and file the complaints to airports and FAA as the Sunnyvale City website directs.

The above shows that most of Sunnyvale residents did not receive any update on the noise issue. It seems that City of Sunnyvale Airplane Noise Site( is not as popular as assumed. Possibly there are more work to do on residential awareness than just putting the links following people's NextDoor posts.

As a resident, let's do our part at least:

 1) Please feel free to forward the flyer attached to your neighbors and friends

 2) Please continue to file complaints as this is the only metric FAA is using to justify their new approaches.

The volunteers designed the poster and printed out the flyers at their cost, and then spent hours to explain the noise issue to everyone in and out of the library.

On the other hand, we were greeted with warmth, and some neighbors even took the trouble buying the lunch boxes for the volunteers.

Let's hope more volunteers can join us, and let's hope more people will be aware of it.

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