FAA Public Comments on BVA - Sample Letter For Cupertno Residents



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RE:  Cupertino residents oppose the Bayside Visual Approach (BVA)


Dear FAA Officials,

My name is _________________, and I live in Cupertino, CA. 

As a resident of Cupertino, we are strongly opposed to the Bayside Visual Approach (BVA).  This flight path should NOT be permanently established over our city. 

San Mateo County is attempting to shift their airplane noise over to Sunnyvale and Cupertino.  If the Bayside Visual Approach (BVA) is established as a published FAA flight path, this will create a MAJOR bay area flight corridor over heavily populated Cupertino.  This should NOT be allowed.  Cupertino has a population of over 60,600 residents, and should not be disregarded in this matter. 

FAA has informed our residents that this newly proposed BVA path “will be flown in visual flight rules (VFR) by ANYONE, including SurfAir.”  Making this flight path permanent means that ALL San Carlos airport arriving flights could use this path, not just SurfAir.  San Carlos airport currently has a large number of daily arriving flights, and is growing rapidly.  Establishing this flight path as a permanently published BVA path would ultimately result in hundreds of daily flights being shifted from the peninsula over to Cupertino and Sunnyvale.  This shifting of airplane noise is completely unacceptable.

And BVA has brought many more flights which didn't pass Cupertino area, to over Cupertino's highly populated residential areas. Once BVA is published and made permanent, all the other carriers and private air crafts will follow the same route over us. And there will be no incentive for San Mateo County to control the airplane noise or airplane business growth any longer.

When we moved to Cupertino, we made decisions based on the existing flight paths in the area.  Now flight paths that have been in existence for many, many years over the peninsula cities are being shifted over Sunnyvale and Cupertino.  This is not fair, and it is not right!

These planes are loud turbo prop planes or other small planes that seriously impact the quality of life in our Cupertino neighborhoods.To have a major flight path moved from the peninsula over to Cupertino would have serious future ramifications for our city. 

We are already subjected to airplane noise from San Jose airport, Moffett, San Francisco, Palo Alto, etc. 

Plainly, the impact of FAA publishing this BVA flight path would have a significant impact to our entire Cupertino community.  San Mateo County is attempting to relieve THEIR peninsula residents of airplane noise, at the expense of Cupertino residents. 

There should be NO Bayside Visual Approach over Cupertino!

No Moving of airplane noise from the peninsula cities to Sunnyvale and Cupertino!   



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 Address:  (NOT REQUIRED) ________________________________, Cupertino, CA

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