Agreement - You Fly BVA, and I will drop Curfew.

Based on the "San Carlos Airport Association" newsletter: (changed later, but we have screenshots below), there is an agreement reached among San Mateo County, Surf Air (flights now being operated by Encompass Aviation, LLC), and the San Carlos Airport Association that will redirect Surf Air flights conducted in VFR conditions away from noise sensitive areas. As a result, the proposed curfew ordinance will be withdrawn from consideration. In the agreement (can be found here:

Again, that link was removed too, but we have downloaded it to here: Agreement in PDF:

"On or about June 1, 2017, Encompass will fly the Bayside Approach under visual flight conditions only, as a visual (non-instrument) approach, utilizing VFR flight-following authorized only for Encompass, by Bay TRACON. The controllers will provide flight -following services after the cancellation of each instrument flight plan, provided that weather and safety conditions exist to allow this specialized operation. Variations on the exact start date may occur for a short period due to training on this procedure and the internal check-ride schedule".

They have replaced the original content of the links after Sunnyvale Mayor has protested to FAA and San Mateo County.

Yet, we have captured all the screen shots and PDF mentioned on the blog!