Airplane Noise Lovers?

What if I you are a great Airplane Noise Lover? But you are really bothered by the fact that you don't see enough airplanes at your home? Well, congratulations, your dream can become true very soon!

FAA, due to their notorious NextGen implementations, is under big pressure all over the country right now. I bet they are willing to develop some flights over areas where people just love to hear the noise so much!

If you happen to be one of the Airplane Noise Lovers, please, please, help us and help yourself, to fill in the following information sheet with your address, so that we can come up with a neat proposal to FAA for a new flight route, where the airplanes would only fly over areas that people like you reside.

You know what FAA can do now? Due to the implementation of NextGen, we know that they can direct airplanes to follow a very thin line that can be exclusively above your house, all day long, non-stop!

It's going to be a Win-Win-Win situation that everyone would be happy! How can anything else beat it?

So why wait when your dream can come true? Please act now, fill in the form below, to make our dreams come true!

Click this link to start:

And the link to this great web page where your dream life is awaiting you is:, please feel free to pass this link to your fellow airplane noise lovers.

Together let's build a harmonious community!

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