A Big Step Forward - Ad Hoc Committee Approved by TEC San Jose on 9/11/2017!

Post date: Sep 12, 2017 4:37:58 PM

Many thanks to people who showed up in the TRANSPORTATION AND ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE meeting today (9/11/2017)!  There were around 20 residents showing up in the meeting from Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Mountain View and Los Altos, considering it was a weekday afternoon, and most of the people could not make it due to work, this turnout was more than just excellent!

Below is a record of the meeting:


And the San Jose is really being transparent that EVERY single letter from residents are also published here:


From links below, we can see they have received numerous emails from residents supporting the formation of the Ad hoc SJC South Flow Committee:





And the result is just as expected, it was approved! So we are off to a resolution soon!

At the video record position 1:51:00, Robert from Mountain View presented his observation from the historical data, that SJC south flow flight path has indeed shifted 2 miles west to where it is today.

 Sunnyvale Residents Speaking:

 Cupertino City Representative Speaking:

The proposal was passed unanimously!

Listen to it, draw your own conclusion, and leave no room for you to regret in the future!

One thing for sure, without everyone's hard work, none of this could happen. Let keep standing together, fighting together until the problem is fixed!


Team (Save My Sunny Sky)