Currently, all the cost of activities on this issue has been covered individually by volunteers who did the different tasks, but apparently this will not sustain long for the following reasons:

1) It is an extra burden for people who volunteer their time and energy to do this community service work. Even though most of volunteers are happy to take the work, the cost side cannot be a 'punishment' for their passion when serving.

2) We are going to print a lot of letters and flyers for neighbors to sign, on BVA issue, but the city refused to cover any part of the cost, so we will have to ask for your help!

3) Some ongoing fees for example the flight data subscription fee have already a big burden for volunteers who are maintaining our flight data server, and over time, this kind of cost just accumulate into a big burden on individual volunteers. And that is just not right for our group to require them to cover their own back. We are a team working together, so we need to figure this out.

4) Last but not least, our volunteers have used considerable amount of their time for the service, where they should have used the same time to stay with their families in the first place, if only there was never such airplane noise shifting in our area. While our volunteers are already facing some pressures from the family due to the time spared, we do not want them to have to come up with excuses for their significant partners on why they should also spend the money on their community service activities. So your support would definitely contribute to the happiness of some families.

Anyway, if today you can donate $50, $20, $10, $5 or any other amount, that would offset some of the financial burden on our volunteers, and our fighting against the unfairness will be much stronger and more effective.

Currently we only support PayPal, and please do put notes to the donation with something like "#SaveMySunnySky" (it is also the hashtag for our Twitter account!), and once in PayPal, un-check the box to the left of "Paying for goods or a service".

A PayPal example will be as the following picture:

Please follow the link for the amount you can donate to continue:

And the donation will only be used toward material purchases or 3rd party services(i.e. Google Domain, flightradar24 membership and FOIA data fee) purchases, and we will not use it to pay anybody in the group for their time or service.

We will also have a multiple-member committee to manag

e the expense and will make the activities/cost publicly available.

Many thanks for your support!

Let's stand together and clear out our skies!