[Mercury News]Sunnyvale residents join protest against airplane noise at San Carlos Airport -  the Story from Sunnyvale

Post date: Jul 01, 2017 12:53:1 AM


Surf Air found the BVA very good for San Mateo residents:

"The six-month trial ended in January, and according to a statement released Wednesday from Surf Air, the results of the trial “found the routing had a noticeable and positive impact on residents living around San Carlos Airport.”

The company stated it will continue to use the route and to work with the Federal Aviation Administration on alternative flight paths. Surf Air might also increase flight altitude over Sunnyvale and reduce the use of engine power to dampen the noise."

Our Mayor is ready to give more feedback on their new 'mitigation measurements, without saying anything about BVA:

"Hendricks said in a phone interview with this newspaper he agrees with the proposed solution of planes flying higher, but wants more information from Surf Air on specifics, particularly a timeline to alert residents.

“Sunnyvale’s objective is for Sunnyvale to be a consideration in the success criteria in any decision or mitigations that occur,” he said. “We are very appreciative of any efforts to actually cause aircraft to fly higher, but we are looking for more information on if they are going to do that and when it’s going to start so people can know that if it’s gotten better or not and then we can give feedback.”"

So it appears that, Surf Air is trying different ways to solve their own problems by pushing more flights to over Sunnyvale, and Sunnyvale is kind enough to be a eager QA for that anything coming.

When residents can see the situation is getting worse and worse:

"... but residents’ concern that the company’s use of the route could set a precedent, leading to similar flight services utilizing the same route to San Carlos in the future.

“We want to be represented, and Sunnyvale isn’t being represented in this. They have effectively transferred noise from one community to another community,”


Well, I cannot think of any better way to be 'represented', from the County? from the City? Or purely by the residents? What if all our representative asks for is "please be gentle when you do this to me next time?"

Why the need to be so polite to the robbers??? Where is the courage to say the right things? Where is the push back?

At this point, a lawsuit is possibly a more effective resort, and more protests maybe needed. Let's see how hot it can reach until someone really gets fired up.

Join us to have a stronger voice, and to take some actions: