Protest on 6/17 Against Surf Air and SQL, Calling for Participation

Post date: Jun 14, 2017 9:16:23 PM

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Dear All,

From the evening of this Monday (6/12), all Surf Air flights are passing Sunnyvale flying BVA route. BVA stands for "Bayside Visual Approach" (over Sunnyvale) during clear weather conditions. And FAA and SQL sneakily started a 6-month trial without notifying Sunnyvale residents last year. Despite the fact that Sunnyvale residents strongly oppose it and filed numerous complaints against the trial, Surf Air is still flying BVA now. Right now, since BVA is being implemented, they are further pushing for 'All-Weather BVA' to dump ALL SQL noise to us regardless of weather condition.

Surf Air currently has 20 flights operated, and it just proposed to add 15 more daily flights, those airplanes are small, low, and loud. The business keeps growing. And imagine the 200+ flights from SJC and 35 flights from SQL, and dozens flights from the surrounding airports (PAO, OAK, etc), as well as the potential SFO flights, Sunnyvale will be a battle field.

We need to work hard to fight this trend.

We would like to organize for this airplane noise protest from Sunnyvale and Cupertino at San Carlos Airport.

We would like to appear there as a group to make clear:

1) We do not support BVA and anything similar to it with any different names

2) We want Surf Air (or Encompass) to be OUT of Sunnyvale and Cupertino, BVA or Non-BVA

3) We do not welcome any more flights from SQL

4) We do not allow any secretive deals behind our back.


June 17th Saturday from 8:45 AM until 10:30 AM


701 Skyway Road, San Carlos, CA, United States

Please signup in this form if you can make an effort to be present at the meeting, we need the head count and arrange carpool to the meeting. Let's wear our group T-shirt (Or anything with Orange color) to show the force.

The link to signup form:

This is going to be a joint effort by all affected cities, so multiple media will be there. And we want to make sure that Sunnyvale and Cupertino residents will be among them.

For more info, please click:

We want to be part of this protest, to distinguish Sunnyvale and Cupertino from the rest of the protesters, just to show our resolution.

Please feel free to forward either this event link from NextDoor or our signup sheet link to your neighbors and friends. Specially, if you do not live in Serra Park neighborhood, please make sure your community sees it so we have the maximum participation. Thanks!


Save My Sunny Sky:

Save My Sunny Sky Google Group: http//