Cupertino City Council Meeting (12/06/2016)

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Residents of Sunnyvale were invited to Cupertino City Council Meeting on 12/06/2016 for the agenda item of "Airplane Noise Issue Study".

Cupertino residents also spoke out in the meeting with their experience disturbed by the disruptive low flying airplanes.

"We did not sign up for the airplane noise like this when we moved to this area a couple years ago."

"Please help us to reclaim our peaceful city back!"

Saratoga City Council Member Mary-Lynne Bernald was also invited to the council meeting to share her experience on the select committee.

Watch the record starting from time 22:00 minutes:

24:00 - Cupertino Resident

39:00 - Cupertino Resident

43:00 - Sunnyvale Residents

1:14   - Public Speakers including 7 years old child who suffers from air noise could not sleep well.

1:25 to 1:52 - Mary Lynne (Select Committee)

FAA Select Committee Reports Nov 17:

Slides 1:

Airplane Noise Pollution ...Cupertino Council Meeting