FAA letter to Mayor Hendricks (11/21/2016)

Post date: Dec 15, 2016 6:19:49 PM

Thanks to Mayor Hendricks efforts on the airplane noise issue, Sunnyvale City Website has posted "FAA Regional Administrator Glen Martin's letter to Mayor Hendricks"

The link: http://sunnyvale.ca.gov/Portals/0/Sunnyvale/OCM/FAA-LettertoMayorHendricks.pdf

I excerpted some of the Q&A to give an idea why complaints are so important, and why each household affected should file their own complaints, for every resident in the household.


1. (SQL, Surf Air) What criteria will be used to make this decision and when will this decision be made?

The Surf Air six month testing process began on July 5, 2016, and will end on January 5, 2017. The San Carlos Airport (SQL) Manager and staff are collecting data specific to noise complaints during the course of the test. Please know that the FAA has been provided with interim noise complaint data from SQL over Sunnyvale, which includes complaints specifically from the City of Sunnyvale. The FAA must follow the requirements outlined in FAA Order 1050.1F (Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures) to determine whether a proposed procedure will require an environmental review under National Environmental Policy Act (NEP A).

2. (SQL, Surf Air) Is the number of complaints received afactor in this decision? How many complaints is the tipping point that it makes a difference? The noise complaints submitted during the test will be used in part, along with a noise screen, in making decisions moving forward.

3. (SJC) What is the process for Sunnyvale to request higher flight altitude over the City for South- flow? How do we change this and make it higher again? To make requests for new or modified Instrument Flight Procedures (IFPs) can be initiated by "anyone who recognizes a potential increase in safety and/or efficiency" through the development or amendment of an IFP ( 14 CFR Part 97). All IFP requests must be submitted via the IFP Information Gateway, https:l/www.faa.gov/air traffic/flight info/aeronav/procedures. Each IFP request goes through an initial feasibility study which determines if an airport is eligible for the IFR procedures, if the airport's infrastructure and obstacle survey supports the type of procedure requested, and ifthe procedure provides benefit to the National Airspace System. Providing as much information as possible in the IFP request can greatly reduce the time it takes to conduct this initial feasibility study.


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This is the same nature of about all public issues. Some care, some don't, and some like it. In the end, all suffer from different sources. Based on the state of our community, I think this fits well for these kind of public issues, enjoy!

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