Air Noise NIMBYism?

Post date: Nov 22, 2016 5:11:57 PM

About the NIMBYism:

Many complaints came from small amount of people, this is true because:

1) Not all people are aware what has happened, they often related the extra noise to some other existing source, and it's NOT true here.

Most of people don't know that their life quality has been greatly impacted because of that people in other city have managed to dump the EXTRA air traffic over their head.

2) People who want to complain find it difficult to do so, so they give up.

Take a look at the FAA and airport complaining web site, it's painfully detailed info, which deters normal residents from going through it again.

3) Some people don't even know that they have been sacrificed for others' benefit. For example, some Cupertino residents replying to this post don't even know that Cupertino is suffering from the same probem, and same source. They may think they are the lucky group of people, but sorry, you are not. And this nothing about loving the country, it's loving the rich guys in other county.

And if you think there are only a small group of people bothered by the air traffic noise and safety concerns (Be it Surf Air from/to San Carlos, or SJC new NextGen implementation), you are wrong.

Our Google Group, which was created one month ago, because people in NextDoor calling us as "NIMBYism", now has over 200 members from Sunnyvale and Cupertino, and West San Jose area.

These are the people who do not think the other county has the right to dump their air traffic to our sky; and these are the people who do not believe that Surf Air operation are patriotic at all; and these are the people who have put their time to fight for all of the rest in this area.

And we do this to help our Mayor Glenn Kendrick to fight for us.

In this ridiculous played by FAA and other county, the complaint number is all they look at. So we had to respond with the complaint numbers. At the same time, some people are here to be dismissal to our efforts, that is a nice try. But sorry, it cannot change the fact that people are suffering.

The Google Group I mentioned is here:

And we have a website to let people know that they are not along, and how they can learn more about this issue, before being judgemental to others:

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thank everyone who took a moment to view and reply to the post. And even you are against our cause, I am grateful for your time.