08/23/2018 Airplane Noise Town Hall Meeting Flyers (Downloadable Link)

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Please pass around the Flyer for Sunnyvale Town Hall Meeting on Airplane Noise, 08/23/2018 (Thursday) so more neighbors can attend and hear the latest progress on this issue.

Please download the PDF flyer to distribute in your neighborhood:

Sunnyvale City Flyer link:

Airplane Noise Town Hall Meeting Thursday 8/23

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Airplane Noise Town Hall Meeting Thursday 8/23

Please be sure to attend the meeting and wear orange T-shirt!

Below is the Sunnyvale City Announcement, original link is here:

The City of Sunnyvale is hosting a town hall meeting to provide residents with an update on aviation noise mitigation efforts to date, highlights from the Ad Hoc Committee on South Flow Arrivals Report recommendations pertaining to Sunnyvale, and the City’s next steps. The public will have an opportunity to speak during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Special guest Congressman Ro Khanna will be in attendance.


Airplane Noise Town Hall Meeting
When: Thursday, Aug. 23, 6 to 7:30 p.m.
Where: Sunnyvale Community Center Ballroom, 550 E. Remington Drive

Mark your calendars for Thursday, Aug. 23, as we continue the discussion on aviation noise in our community.

Third South Flow Ad Hoc Committee Meeting (03/09/2018) - Video Record

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The latest SJC Ad Hoc Committee meeting with the the video tape that our team took during the last SJC AdHoc meeting on Mar 09, 2018. 

Second South Flow Ad Hoc Committee Meeting (02/23/2018) - Video Record

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This was the video tape that our team took during the last SJC AdHoc meeting on Feb 23, 2018.

Link is at:

The video is long - 2 hours 44 minutes, but the video contains some good info.  

The first few minutes of the meeting are missing, but the remainder of the meeting is intact.  Please note, the FAA discussion is somewhat technical in some sections.  

A rough breakdown of the video by our team members:

1. 0:0:00 - 1:18:00: city officials' QA with FAA

  • Around minute 00:9:30 there is an interesting question, and answer from the FAA  
  • At minute 00:12:27 there is a section that details some of the possible solutions that have been suggested (Brainstorming only) 

2. 1:18:00 - 1:26:30: public comments

3. 1:26:30 - end: possible solution brainstorming

  • At minutes 2:29:30 Thann, from the FAA, suggests that a possible East Approach should be considered for some of the arriving flights into SJC airport - She is not sure whether it is a viable solution, but she feels this Eastern option should be considered to disperse some of the SJC flights.

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First South Flow Ad Hoc Committee Meeting (01/26/2018) - Video Record

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The San Jose Ad Hoc Committee has been meeting to discuss possible solutions for the SJC (San Jose Airport) South flow flight path noise issues.

Following is a re-send of the message from one of our group members, who has attended the meeting and recorded the majority of it. We have recorded both of the previous Ad Hoc meeting on recording, but we are releasing them to public as they are ready, and this is the video record of the very first meeting.

Attached below is a link to the video of the first Ad Hoc meeting on Jan 26, 2018.  Apologies that the first hour of the meeting is missing.  (The hour missed was the FAA overview for SJC South flow.  If you wish to listen to the first hour of the meeting an audio recording is available along with the FAA slides (links listed below).  

Our team is providing the video tape for the meeting.

Youtube Video tape of Jan 26 SJC Ad Hoc meeting for South flow arrivals: (first hour of meeting is missing)

(The Video quality of this particular tape is poor, but audio quality is good.  A better video will be available next week.)

FAA slides presented during the presentation Jan 26 - Link:

For the full audio tape (including the first hour of the meeting):

Then press "Open" to start the audio file.

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Residents Spoke at Council Meeting 01/09/2018

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Video Link (Oral Communication starting at time 14:35)

Happy New Year!

New year, new plan, new action. 

The year 2017 was a year when we woke up and got organized. Last year was also a year filled with meetings, protests, letters, poster, flyers. Last year, we grew our groups effectively and we organized better and better working on this issue. 

Thank you everyone! Every little thing you have done on the cause of 'Restoring Our Calm Skies' added up to a big change to coming! Nice job!

In the new year, we will not just be responding, reacting, instead we will try to be more aggressive tackling this issue. 

Let's keep up the spirit!

Below is the great speech our heroin made at the Council Meeting 01/09/2018:

"Sunnyvale City Council members, I’d like to thank you all for your dedicated service to our city.

I am here representing the more than 500 members of the Sunnyvale Airplane noise group coalition.

During the past two years, there have been major airplane flight path changes over Sunnyvale.  Residents are enraged and concerned.  These newly formed flight paths seriously impact the quality of life for tens of thousands of Sunnyvale residents. 

When we moved to Sunnyvale, we made decisions based on the existing flight paths in the area.  Now flight paths that have been in existence for many years are being shifted & concentrated directly over homes that were not previously impacted.  On rainy days, some Sunnyvale neighborhoods have over 200 flights flying overhead on a daily basis.

Flight paths from alternate cities have been shifted over to Sunnyvale, and there is pressure to continue this shifting of airplane noise. 

Palo Alto has hired an aviation consultant and a Washington lobbyist; San Mateo County voted to approve 1 million dollars to solve their airplane noise issue.  Other cities are expending extensive resources and money to protect their residents, and these efforts are paying off.  At least one flight path has already been shifted from the peninsula cities over to Sunnyvale. 

We fear that if Sunnyvale does not step up to the plate, our city could easily become an airplane dumping ground.

We appreciate our cities efforts so far. Mayor Hendricks and councilman Larry Klein have worked hard on this issue. But we ask that Sunnyvale city council and staff become more engaged in solving our airplane noise issue, as have other Bay Area cities. We need the formal support of the full council in order to effectively tackle this problem.

Other cities have taken a very active role in shifting their noise to other neighborhoods & to cities like Sunnyvale.  A lack of engagement by Sunnyvale at this time, could set precedence for future noise shifting over our city.   Sunnyvale cannot wait any longer to tackle this issue, or to simply sit idle.  

We ask for the Sunnyvale City Council to consider a study issue regarding the airplane noise issue.  At this time, we request no disposition from Council. 

At the next Council meeting on Jan 23rd, we will present a more detailed study issue request. We hope you will give your support for sponsorship at that meeting. 

The airplane noise issue is very important to many residents, and we respectfully ask the city to take a more active role in the future.   

In the meantime, we thank the council and mayor for their time regarding this matter.  "

CALL For Action: Oct21/22 Poster & Flyer Event @ Sunnyvale Library

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Dear All,

The FAA BVA public comment closes on Oct 27 (only a few days away)!

We would like to organize a third Poster & Flyer in front of Sunnyvale Library this weekend, to let more people to write to FAA in objection to BVA. We know that Congressman Ro Khanna, Supervisor Dave Cortese and Mayor Glenn Hendricks all have written to FAA in objection to BVA, but in the end, we want our people to write too, since only that counts into the environmental evaluation by FAA.

If you can spare some time this weekend for this cause, please join us!

Even if you cannot be there for the 2 hour slot, please mention that in your comment, even 30 minutes would be a big relieve for other volunteers!

The signup link is here :

For more info please visit:

Thanks and Regards,


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Save My Sunny Sky Facebook Page Is Here!

Please like us!

Action Needed - Call for Attending 9/27 FAA Workshop on BVA for Surf Air Arrivals @San Jose

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Call for Attending 9/27 FAA Workshop on BVA for Surf Air Arrivals @San Jose

Date: September 27th, 2017
Time: 6:00PM – 9:00PM
Location: Isaac Newton Senter Auditorium
County Government Center
70 W. Hedding St
San Jose, CA 95110

FAA Workshop on Bayside Visual Approach for Surf Air arrivals into San Carlos Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is hosting a Community Involvement Workshop to discuss approach options for Encompass/Surf Air arrivals into San Carlos Airport (SQL). The is FAA's 'Community Involvement Workshop' so that means they want to hear us. And we should make our message clear and loud: We Oppose BVA! We are against the unfair noise shifting!

This is another critical meeting for our group mission to calm down our skies.  Once the BVA is permanent, there is no way to avoid more and more flights over our heads. And FAA is looking at all-weather BVA now(Meaning no matter the bay is clear or not, airplanes can take BVA over us)!

Please wear our SaveMySunnySky T-shirt if you can make it to the meeting, or any orange colored shirt to show our solidarity. If you want to order one  SaveMySunnySky T-shirt at the cost price, please indicate so in your response.

If you need carpool arrangement, please leave your immediate contact information so we can reach to you. All personal info will be confidential and destroyed after the event.

Feel free to share the link of this sign up form to anyone you know, the link is:  (Carpool ,T-Shirt, and Parking Map inside)

And we have a NextDoor Announcement link, please consider forwarding that to your neighbors as well:

Message From James Webb, Jr. (SJC Director Assistant)

posted Sep 15, 2017, 6:46 PM by Tony Guan

Dear Community Stakeholder:


In case you did not see the September 11, 2017 meeting the San José City Council’s Transportation and Environment Committee, the Committee unanimously adopted the Airport Commission’s and staff’s recommendation to form the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on South Flow Arrivals. The Committee adopted all of the Airport staff’s recommendations and parameters contained in the staff report. If approved by the City Council, the Committee’s charge will be to:


1.      Gather input, concerns, and comments from the general public on the south flow issue.

2.     Identify and discuss possible options to address the procedure’s noise impacts.

3.     Recommend potential “feasible” options for FAA consideration.   


The parameters of the Committee would be as follows:


ü Focus will be on the south flow issue only.

ü The Committee will sunset after 120 days.

ü The Committee will not adopt any recommendations that will impact a community not represented on the Committee.

ü Every city in Santa Clara County and the County of Santa Clara will be invited to join the Committee. Each jurisdiction will be welcome to appoint one elected official and one alternate elected official. 

ü Each jurisdiction participating on the Committee will have one vote.

ü At least 2/3rds of members would be needed to adopt a recommendation.

ü The FAA will have the sole authority to determine the “feasibility” of any proposed recommendations.

ü A final report with “preliminary feasible” recommendations would be shared with FAA and Congressional offices for their information and review.


This item will next be reviewed by the full City Council on October 3. In the event you have not seen the staff report and attachments, you will find a copy of the Transportation and Environment Committee agenda at the following link: The Ad Hoc Committee item is item (d)3 of the Committee’s agenda.


The October 3rd Council meeting will begin at 1:30. However, the Ad Hoc Committee item will NOT be the sole or first item for Council review. Council will follow its agenda and the Ad Hoc Committee item will be reviewed in the order it appears on the agenda. We will provide you with a copy of the October 3 agenda once it has been published.


I hope you find this information helpful.


Mineta San Jose International Airport | Silicon Valley's Airport

James Webb, Jr. | Assistant to the Director

Mineta San José International Airport
1701 Airport Blvd. Ste B-1130, San José, CA 95110

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