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BVA Problem

Excerpts from Reducing Aircraft Noise By Congressman Mike Honda:

on July 5th, 2016, the number of Surf Air flights going into and out of San Carlos Airport over SF Bay, crossing Sunnyvale, increased. San Mateo County, which operates the airport, called this a “noise mitigation measure ” when it asked the FAA for permission to allow Surf Air to do this more often. The FAA gave permission for a six-month test to determine the impacts of this route on flight operations and community residents. As residents of Sunnyvale can attest to, this change is already bringing more air traffic and noise over their homes, negatively impacting their quality of life.

 "Old" Approach (Claimed by San Carlos)
But with a lot of complaints from 
South Sunnyvale

 "New" Approach Over Sunnyvale
 Trial  Finished, FAA has NOT decided

 We did NOT notice ANY Surf Air passing Sunnyvale

And This Is 
What We Want
Old Approach for Surf Air (San Carlos Airport)
Please Do Not Sell This To Us Either!
New Approach for Surf Air (San Carlos Airport)
A 6-month Trial
 started, without notifying Sunnyvale or Cupertino!
Thousands of complaints from us even late in the untold game.

 But Surf Air is still flying BVA!!!

Beginning from mid June 2017
In the chart below, blue line is the currently published route, while the red one is the BVA (Bayside Visual Approach) to be published. It's apparent that the over-the-bay part is great, but Sunnyvale and Cupertino are totally ignored here. For more information on BVA, and why they are lying, please see here.

Published Route

Hi Sunnyvale, awaken now? 

Hi Cupertino, how do you feel?

"I recognize that there is potential for this trial route to reduce the impact of noise over our mutual constituents in San Mateo County. However, if this route has an adverse impact on Mountain View and Sunnyvale and there is not a process to consider the concerns of all of my constituents before the FAA considers granting it permanent status, I will oppose this measure."

And our Mayor Glenn Hendrick can prove to you that he was not notified about any of such proposals.