BVA from SQL

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A Brief Description of The Issue From SQL

Flawed BVA Environment Impact Evaluation By FAA

A Brief History of SQL BVA

Past News on BVA

- Noise shifted to Sunnyvale and Cupertino

- Pushed by San Carlos Airport (SQL),  San Mateo County, and Surf Air, working with FAA
  • 05/17/2017 San Carlos Airport Association Posted agreement with Surf Air 'by mistake'
    • There is an agreement reached among San Mateo County, Surf Air (flights now being operated by Encompass Aviation, LLC), and the San Carlos Airport Association that will redirect Surf Air flights conducted in VFR (BVA) conditions away from noise sensitive areas. As a result, the proposed curfew ordinance will be withdrawn from consideration.
    • The agreement was signed and dated on 05/17/2017, and then everything about this agreement was removed from the website, the only thing left is our screenshots of it and airplane noise for Sunnyvale.

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