Filing Complaints

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Filing Complaints to FAA & Airports 

The link to this page for easy sharing:

Identifying Aircraft



Check Flights Around Serra Park Area

How to File Complaints?

The Main Contributors for Airplane Noise Over Sunnyvale & Cupertino:

1. Complain to FAA

The FAA's Aviation Noise Ombudsman serves as a liaison with the public on issues regarding aircraft noise. 

2. Complain to San Carlos Airport (SQL)

  • Noise Complaint Form
  • Noise Hotline: 844-266-6266
  • Another Way to File SQL Complaints:
    • 1. Open the flights data website  , and copy (Ctrl-C) the flight items you want to file the complaints against.

    • 2. Open Fill Personal Info section if you haven't done so. Paste the data from Step 1 to the Flight Entry section. Click on Convert into Autofill Code button. The page will generate a list of data elements - each bullet point contains the info needed for one flight complaint. Copy one bullet point section, and move to Step 3.

    • 3. Go to SQL complaint site -

    • 4. Click on Customized and control Google Chrome icron (three horizontal bars in the upper right corner)

    • 5. Click on More Tools -> Developer Tools. Click on the Console tab. You will see a cursor blinking after > , paste the data from Step 2 here. The flight information will be autofilled to the web entry page.

    • 6. All you need to do is fill in your email, AM/PM, and Comments, if you choose; and pass Capcha test.

3. Norman Y Mineta San Jose Intl (SJC)

Other Airports:

1. Palo Alto Airport (PAO)
2. San Francisco Intl (SFO)

Misc: You can also use this web tool (a little old) to make complaint filing less painful:

Complaint Tool:

What Else Can You Do?

1. Tell your friends, neighbors, your cat and puppy what is happening over the sky, and tell them about us (the fighting ones), so that they won't feel lonely any more.
a. Join our google group:
b. Post on, join the airplane noise discussion there, and let everybody know the existence of our group.

2.  Write to all levels of officials and representatives to express your feelings, and urge them to take tangible actions other than just comforting words.

a. Sunnyvale City Council:

b. Cupertino City Council:

c. Santa Clara County Supervisors:

d. FAA Local Officials:

f. Congressman Office:

Ro Khanna

3. Keep on filing the complaints!

4. Try to attend at least one meeting or protest that our group is organizing to attend.