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Second South Flow Ad Hoc Committee Meeting (02/23/2018) - Video Record

posted Mar 6, 2018, 2:58 PM by Admin SaveMySunnySky

This was the video tape that our team took during the last SJC AdHoc meeting on Feb 23, 2018.

Link is at:

The video is long - 2 hours 44 minutes, but the video contains some good info.  

The first few minutes of the meeting are missing, but the remainder of the meeting is intact.  Please note, the FAA discussion is somewhat technical in some sections.  

A rough breakdown of the video by our team members:

1. 0:0:00 - 1:18:00: city officials' QA with FAA

  • Around minute 00:9:30 there is an interesting question, and answer from the FAA  
  • At minute 00:12:27 there is a section that details some of the possible solutions that have been suggested (Brainstorming only) 

2. 1:18:00 - 1:26:30: public comments

3. 1:26:30 - end: possible solution brainstorming

  • At minutes 2:29:30 Thann, from the FAA, suggests that a possible East Approach should be considered for some of the arriving flights into SJC airport - She is not sure whether it is a viable solution, but she feels this Eastern option should be considered to disperse some of the SJC flights.

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